Sunday, 14 September 2014

the day Victor Costa died 22 Dec 1959

Victor Costa was a media man who thrived during the Getulio Vargas era. He was the head man on Radio Nacional in Rio de Janeiro, which was created by the Federal Government in 1936 to become the most popular radio station in the nation until the time TV came of age in the late 1950s. 

Victor Costa knew that São Paulo was the richest market place in the country, curried favour with government officials of the Getulio Vargas's presidency and managed to put up O.V.C. (Victor Costa Organization) in 1953, a media conglomerate made up of many radio stations around the country plus Radio Excelsior and Radio Nacional Paulista in S.Paulo.  In 1954, Costa managed to get the concession of a TV station which he called TV Paulista, Channel 5. 

By the end of the Fifties, Victor Costa's enterprises were all making money, but his health was making water. He died in 22 December 1959, with only 52 years of age. These are some of the photos in the article Radiolandia put up after his death. 

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