Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Noite Ilustrada & Sylvio Caldas in Atibaia-SP

lápide do túmulo de Sylvio Caldas no Cemitério Parque das Flores em Atibaia-SP

no mesmo cemitério de Atibaia, lápide da cova de Noite Ilustrada.

Luigi Tenco, cantor italiano suicidou-se em 1967.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Funerals of the famous & infamous

Rudolpho Valentino lying in state.
funeral mass for Rudolph Valentino.
Valentino's casket is taken away from the church.
Valentino's cortege through the streets of New York.
Evita Perón's massive cortege through the streets of Buenos Aires in 1952.
Pope Benedict XV lying in state in 1925.
Pope Pius XII's dead body - 1958.
impromptus autopsy during the US Civil War.
dead bodies of soldiers waiting to be buried during US's Civil War.
Mexican spit-fire Lupe Velez's mother grief at her unhappy daughter' untimely death.